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Both NonGMO and Conventional Feeds Available!

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Your animal's HEALTH & NUTRITION is our focus!


Our Non-GMO feeds are made from a variety of ingredients including, but not limited to Sorghum, Roasted Soybeans, Wheat Middlings, Oats, Alfalfa, Linseed, Flax, Peas, Wheat, and Kelp.  All our feeds are fully fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Welcome to Perry Milling Feed & Supply

We are a locally owned and operated custom feed milling facility. We provide premium custom feeds both bulk and bagged, pet food, and farm supplies. 

We offer carefully balanced diets with a full line of feed and nutrition management solutions for all species of animals both in conventional and non-GMO lines.

Feed Management Solutions


Our producer line of feed is specifically formulated to balance cost and performance to ensure you are achieving your goals.  We offer easy to implement feeding programs for every life stage.


Our show feeds are formulated for the unique requirements of your show stock.  We understand how much time and money goes into showing livestock and how important it is for your animal to perform at its best.  Our show feed provides you that extra competitive edge.


Our mineral will improve the health of your animal.  We will customize a mineral formulation to any feed program.  We can calculate a precise level of required supplementation to improve conception rates, better use available forage, fly control, provide antibiotics, boost the immune system and even treat nutritional problems.

We sell feed at three price points:

  1. 50 lb. bag (bag design pictured above)

  2. Per hundred lbs.

  3. By the ton.

When purchasing less than a ton, most of our customers choose our barrel exchange program (55-gallon drum).  When purchasing by the ton you can pick your feed up in a grain wagon, or we can put it in a one ton supersack.  You can also have your ton bulk delivered.  We make all our feed from scratch; we try to have all feed made within 24-hours of your order.  We also floor stock most all our feeds in 50# bags.

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